Welcome to Chessie Creek

Chessie Creek Farms Mission: The mission of Chessie Creek Farms is to improve animal agriculture by using the tools of modern biotechnology to produce more abundant and safer food for the world. While there is an increasing demand for high quality animal protein globally, emerging economies have lagged behind significantly in this aspect of agriculture. Feeding the hungry in the developing world, by improving the efficiency of livestock, is the specific focus of our program.

Chessie Creek Farms, established on partially reclaimed rice plantations of Walterboro, South Carolina, is home to the Chessie Creek Farm Project. Chessie Creek’s pastures house a┬ásmall herd of elite registered Angus donors, Holstein x Gyr dairy cows and heifers, and commercial angus recipients for the Project. These cattle serve as the foundation for nucleus herds of Girolando and other tropically adapted cattle breeds in the United States. Visit our Project page to learn more.

Chessie Creek serves as a training site for students and professionals in bovine assisted reproductive technologies (ART). ART applied at CCF include artificial insemination (AI), embryo transfer (ET), conventional embryo flushing, transvaginal ovum pick up (OPU), and in vitro embryo production (IVEP).

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